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Towards upliftment & globalization of Quality, Skill, Manufacturing, Safety and Innovation

Major Objective of SETU

To provide technical assistance to the existing Textile Machinery and Component manufacturing Industry

To develop Training Centre for imparting skill development courses and skilled manpower for the Industry.

To strengthen the domestic manufacturing capabilities aiming at supporting ‘Make in India’.

To provide technology in different sub sectors like textile machinery, foundry metal casting, plastic machinery,metal cutting machine tool technology,machine tools and manufacturing, critical component technologies for CNC machines,metal forming machine tool technologies, electrical equipment, earth moving and construction equipments and automation encompassing technologies from pneumatic, hydraulic and electro based system.

To support infrastructures, design standards, application standards, safety standards, testing, calibration and certification infrastructures lag global standards which inhibit technology development.

Need, Scope and Objective of CEFC

Surat is one of the major textile hubs of India and has a strong presence of Textile Machinery manufacturers. The Textile Machinery sector in Surat comprises mostly of small and medium enterprises which cannot afford design, prototyping or testing equipment individually, leading to low competitiveness and low efficiencies of the local Industry.

Two leading associations, Surat Engineering Vikas Association (SEVA) and Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, India (TMMA) have identified the need for addressing the technology gaps in the Textile Machinery manufacturing value chain in Surat and for upgrading the Industry to become globally competitive

SEVA and TMMA have come together to promote a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – Science Engineering and Technological Upliftment (SETU) Foundation for setting up of a state-of the-art CEFC at the institute campus of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education Society (SVPES) located near Bardoli, Surat for the Textile Machinery and Light Engineering Industries.

SETU Foundation CEFC will aim at providing assistance to the Industry members in and around Surat to ensure quality, standards, cost and efficiency. The proposed Project will be developed on a cluster based model to promote growth in the sector.


The CEFC is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created under Govt. of India guidelines by SETU Foundation under a “Scheme for Enhancement of Competitiveness of Capital Goods Sector” of Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), Government of India (GoI), thereby aiming at the national objective of “Make in India” by strengthening the domestic manufacturing capabilities. SETU Foundation is registered under Government of Gujarat Companies act 2013.


CEFC has been conceived and promoted by Science Engineering and Technological Upliftment (SETU) Foundation with the support of Surat Engineering Vikas Association (SEVA) and Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, India (TMMA) and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education Society (SVPES).

SETU implemented this Project costing about Rs.50 crores for the growth and improvement of competitiveness and export capability of textile machineries and process equipments manufacturers in the Surat region, with the assistance of Government of India and Government of Gujarat.

Surat has a large concentrative of textile machineries and process equipments manufacturers. Most of these units are in micro, small and medium sectors. Due to their scale of operations, individual units are not able to invest in facilities for reducing cost, improving productivity, quality, range of products, and competitiveness. They are focused only on domestic market now and would like to export. This project is focusing on these needs.

Proposed Means of Finance

• Grant from Department of Heavy Industry (DHI): Rs. 2,781.04 lakh (80% of equipment cost)

• Promoters Contribution : Rs. 1,837.59 Lakh

• Term Loans : Rs. 409.00 Lakh

• Total Project Cost : Rs. 5027.63 Lakh